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June 29, 2022

Welcome to Hell House, LLC! - Part Three

Welcome to Hell House, LLC! - Part Three
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You couldn't escape...and your spirit is trapped HELL HOUSE! This is Part Three of our interview with members of the Hell House, LLC films series. We hold nothing back in one of our best interviews to date!

Join us as we speak with director Stephen Cognetti, actress Alice Bahlke, actor/producer Joe Bandelli, and actors Danny Bellini and Vasile Flutur!

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Joe BandelliProfile Photo

Joe Bandelli


Joe Bandelli is a Los Angeles based filmmaker who works in film, television, new media, and live. He grew up in Howell, New Jersey and attended The College of New Jersey where he earned a degree in Criminal Justice. He is most known for his work on the found footage cult franchise: Hell House LLC and the behind the scenes tell all documentary about Paranormal Activity: Unknown Dimension.

Danny BelliniProfile Photo

Danny Bellini


Danny Bellini was born in Deland, Florida in 1988. As a child, he was a natural performer - appearing in numerous school plays and neighborhood theater houses. As acting runs in his family, he was encouraged to pursue the field and found himself expanding other talents. He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of the Arts in English. Danny has written multiple screenplays including The Drifter - available on demand. He also works as a production designer for short films and features. Danny Bellini moved to New York in 2012 where he became proficient in producing and editing, as well as acting. He's since worked for multiple agencies as either a full-time employee or a freelance hire. Danny has produced large-scale commercial projects and artistic endeavors and continues to work on his writing.

Alice BahlkeProfile Photo

Alice Bahlke


Alice Bahlke is an actress, known for Hell House LLC (2015), Americano (2013) and Used and Borrowed Time (2020).

Vasile FluturProfile Photo

Vasile Flutur

Vasile Flutur is an award-winning actor based in NYC. Born and raised in Romania, he obtained his BFA at the prestigious National University for Theatre and Film in Bucharest, and received the Stefan Iordache award upon graduation. He then got his MFA at Brooklyn College, where he was awarded the Friars' Club Fellowship.

He made his major network TV debut in The Blacklist (S. 6, Ep 1), playing opposite James Spader and Cristopher Lambert. He also appears in the series finale of The Deuce, with James Franco, and Maggie Gyllenhaal. He will soon be seen in his first guest star role on ABC's For Life, starring Nicholas Pinnock.

He made his Off-Broadway debut in Tamburlaine, directed by Sir Michael Boyd at Theater for a New Audience, a show that was awarded "Most Honorable Mention" in the New York Times "Best Shows of 2014." He is honored to have shared the stage with John Douglas Thompson. Also Off-Broadway, he played the titular role In the world premier of Jericho, written by Michael Weller based on Ferenc Molnar's Liliom.

He is also known for the films The Kidnapping of a Fish (Best Supporting Actor Award), Delenda, Hell House LLC 2 - the Abaddon hotel, Far from Here.

He plays the lead role in Snakeeater, a chilling neo-noir in which he plays opposite Isaach de Bankolé, coming soon.

Since he arrived in NYC, he has worked extensively with Piper Theatre, a company that offered him several scores that would change any actor's life - lead roles in The Nocturnes, The Island of Dr. Moreau (Bobby Award), Frankenstein, Splitfoot, and We Should Have Seen the Lights Already. Piper also pushed him into discovering new creative skills as a director, a writer, a painter and an educator.

He is fluent in Romanian, English and Spanish, and conversational in French, and Italian.

Stephen CognettiProfile Photo

Stephen Cognetti


Stephen Cognetti is a director and writer, known for Hell House LLC (2015), Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel (2018) and Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire (2019).