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Podcast Rankings

Portalville continues to make top rankings throughout the multiverse!

May 2023

  • #3 Comedy Fiction, Norway

December 2022

  • #1 Comedy Fiction, Ireland
  • #3 Comedy Fiction, Nigeria
  • #4 Comedy Fiction, South Africa
  • #8 Comedy Fiction, Norway
  • #21 Fiction, Ireland
  • #25 Comedy Fiction, Canada 
  • #25 Comedy Fiction, Australia 
  • #30 Comedy Fiction, Great Britain 
  • #40 Comedy Fiction, New Zealand
  • #80 Comedy Fiction, United States


PlayerFM: April, 2023

We're honored to be listed among PlayerFM's"Best Women's Fiction Podcasts" in 2023!

Feedspot: April, 2023

In Feedspot's article "100 Best Fiction Podcasts You Must Follow in 2023," Portalville moved up to rank #5!

View the article here.

Feedspot: December 28, 2022

In Feedspot's article "100 Best Fiction Podcasts You Must Follow in 2023," Portalville is ranked as #8. According to Feedspot:

  • "The best Fiction podcasts from thousands of podcasts on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness."

View the article here.

JoBlo: October 11, 2022

In JoBlo's video series "Best Movie You Never Saw," Portalville's interview with director Dan Attias was mentioned in their "Silver Bullet: Stephen King's Werewolf Film." 

  • "Attias has his own theory though, and it really shows how deeply he cared for and understood the characters. During an interview on the Portalville Podcast, Attias said he saw 'Silver Bullet' as a film that's about disabilities and how people deal with them."

Watch the JoBlo video here, and listen to Portalville's full interview with Dan Attias here

Digital Journal: September 7, 2022

In Digital Journal's article "The Scriptapalooza Fiction Podcast Competition is looking for stories," Portalville is mentioned as an example for the strength of fiction podcasts:

  • "It’s no secret that since their appearance in 2005, podcasts have gone from strength to strength and are here to stay. Already, the fiction podcast universe has welcomed runaway success stories, such as Six Minutes, The Bright Sessions, The Magnus Archives, The Amelia Agency, Portalville, and many more."

View the article here.

Horror Press: August 10, 2022

In Horror Press's article "Art and Pain: A Look into the World of 'Allegoria' (2022)," Portalville's interview with director and writer Spider One revealed:

  • "The writer/producer/director is not so confident in his work that he is never plagued by fear, according to an interview with Portalville Podcast, and we can therefore assume that some level of projection is present in Allegoria."

View the article here, and listen to Portalville's full interview with Spider One here.