BEWARE! Krampus is on the Loose! The PSC is issuing a warning for citizens to hide their children!


Horror. Comedy. Celebrity Interviews...In 1892, a mysterious rift in space-time opened above what is now called Portalville. The entire island was transported to an alternate reality of countless terrors. Cut off from outside help, the citizens are forced to live amongst dark forces that emerged from the portal. Follow the good-humored news team August Pots and Guy Redshurt as they broadcast from beyond the rift and get a glimpse into Portalville.

About the Host

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August Pots

Host/Journalist/Field Reporter

The hostess with the mostest! August is Portalville's top news reporter and resident badass. Nothing can stop this fearless heroine from dashing into harm's way to cover important events. Not even those disgusting, rotten reanimated cannibals!