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March 10, 2023

Don't Go Down There! An interview with Barbarian star Matthew Patrick Davis!

Don't Go Down There! An interview with Barbarian star Matthew Patrick Davis!

Actor Matthew Patrick Davis joins us to talk about the hit film "Barbarian." Hear how crazy the audition was, and what it was like transforming into the terrifying "Mother!"

...Wait did someone say it was Justin Long's feeding time? Bring in the dead rat!

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Matthew Patrick Davis


Matthew Patrick Davis is an actor/songwriter/musician who most recently portrayed "The Mother" in 20th Century Studios' hit horror film, "Barbarian." As a songwriter, he has co-written & produced songs for the upcoming season of "The Ghost and Molly McGee" on the Disney Channel and "T.O.T.S." on Disney Junior alongside series songwriter, Rob Cantor. He was also commissioned to write a children's album, "I Love My Dog," for the screen-free audio device, YOTO Player. He's written music and lyrics for a number of comedic songs and musicals for the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, the San Francisco SketchFest, and his YouTube Channel, including most recently, "PUN-OFF: A Musical Inside the High-Stakes World of Pun Competitions." His YouTube video "Nightmare Before Christmas Live" has over 5M views and counting. As an actor, he made his Broadway debut in the musical revival, "Side Show," directed by Bill Condon.