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Aug. 14, 2021

Interview with Claire Cartwright

Interview with Claire Cartwright
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Portalville meets with actress Claire Cartwright, who starred in the Comedy Horror "Benny Loves You." Claire describes traveling between Yorkshire and Uganda, and how her career has evolved. Listen to her unique experience staying in the house that "Benny Loves You" was filmed, and her real life childhood toys that might want to haunt her.

Find out about her next projects here: Claire cartwright (@claire.s.cartwright) • Instagram photos and videos

Claire CartwrightProfile Photo

Claire Cartwright

Claire Cartwright was born in North Yorkshire, dividing her childhood between Yorkshire and Uganda, where her father lived. Claire spent her time galloping horses across the Dales and running through forests with Chimpanzees. Aged 11 Claire went backpacking around Uganda, Kenya and, very briefly, The Congo with her 19 year old sister. Back in Yorkshire Claire spent her summer holidays working with Livewire Youth Theatre Company performing in outdoor productions of classic plays. Having completed her A levels, Claire went on to study English Literature at Edinburgh University before heading to London to train at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. Graduating in 2010 Claire went on to join the National tour and West End production of Lee Hall's The Pitmen Painters. Subsequently she has worked on a huge range of stage and screen productions including playing the lead role in the West End production of Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap and as the feisty female juvenile lead in Thark at the Park Theatre, directed by Eleanor Rhode and starring Clive Francis. Recent film work includes playing the female lead in Benny Loves you and showing off her fight skills as Sergeant Wise in Rueful Warrior.